Celtic Garden Imports


P. Allen Smith - USA
Writing about Celtic Gardens' feature garden at the 2006 Chicago Flower and Garden Show, P. Allen Smith said that is was "Absolutely enchanting. What a colossal effort! Amazing detail in every turn... Best stone work I've seen... I wish there was some solid enclosure – so the other exhibits in the distance did not distract from this garden's artistry and soul."

Rebecca Cole
Don't I know that guy?

Helen Dillon - Ireland
Helen said of John's garden exhibit at the 2008 Philadelphia Flower Show, "I have thoughts of the Will of the Wisp, of something trying to escape. Celtic Gardens has the elusive ability to enchant and to capture something that is floating away."

Julian Dowle - England
"In these busy times, when so much design is going 'cutting edge' (whatever that means) - and our environments are becoming harder and more artificial, it was refreshing to see this wonderful garden designed by John Cullen.

‘John’s garden is a happy vision of romance, history and spirituality. Beautifully constructed in traditional style, it was planted with sensitivity and artistry.”



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